Dario Turovelzky of Viacom offered a conference in Conecta Fiction


The conference was based on the importance of the European market for the company’s content (VIS).

Dario Turovelzky, SVP of Global Contents of VIS, participated in one of the outstanding panels of Conecta FICTION 2019, the fair that was held at the Baluarte Convention Center in Pamplona-Iruña, Spain this week. This is the third edition of this event that seeks to unite Europe and the Americas in the development of joint fictions.

Under the title “Creadores de Historias” (“Creators of stories”) highlighting the importance of strengthening the link between the American and European continents for the development of the content industry.

“In the first edition of Conecta, we participated as a Network. Today we arrived here having traveled the path that we had traced in our DNA, and that allowed us to become a studio,” said Dario Turovelzky. “The relationship between both continents makes Europe a key market for us. Our contents are very well received, and yours, have an extraordinary success throughout America. To maximize our combined production power, beyond our presence in the Americas, we have expanded our Viacom International Studios to Europe with the creation of VIS Madrid and VIS UK,” he added.

Before the closing of the conference, Turovelzky highlighted some of the projects that the VIS is developing in Latin America and Europe: “Punto Rojo”“Pequeña Victoria”“La Casa de las Sombras”“Mala Gente” and “El asesino del Olvido”.

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