The crime drama The Blood Sisters of ABS-CBN will soon be in Kazakhstan


The Philippine media company’s agreement with Channel 31 once again solidifies the company’s reputation as a producer of exceptional content for international audiences.

The Blood Sisters

The successful ABS-CBN crime drama series of 2018 about separate triplets that come together after a case of mistaken identity, will come to capture the audience of Kazakhstan’s Channel 31.

“The Blood Sisters” gives continuity to other stories sold this 2019 as “Now and Forever” in Myanmar, “A Mother’s Guilt” in Turkey, “The Promise” in the Dominican Republic and “Betrayal” in Tanzania.

“The Blood Sisters” follows the different lives of the triplets Carrie, Agatha and Erika. Carrie is a doctor with a flourishing career, Agatha is a rebellious and spoiled girl, while Erika is an exotic dancer who struggles to survive. When Erika witnesses a murder, she becomes the main target of a group of criminals that finally leads her to reunite with her siblings.

Erich Gonzales, one of the most talented stars of the Philippines, in “The Blood Sisters”, had a great performance during his television career, consistently winning the ratings in his time slot.

The content of ABS-CBN, popular for its sincere Filipino stories, is available in other territories through ABS-CBN International Distribution.

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