Mondo TV Iberoamérica obtained good results in Conecta Fiction in Spain


“We participated in Conecta Fiction for the second consecutive year and we presented our project of the 2050 sci-fi drama series with great potential in cross-media terms, from TV, licenses and videogames” says in this interview with TVMAS Maria Bonaria Fois, Director General of the Company.

Maria Bonaria Fois

What was the objective of the company to participate in Conecta Fiction?

We believe that it is a very interesting market to be focused on the co-production between America and Europe of fiction series, an activity that represents today one of the main axes for our company.

This year we participated presenting our 2050 project, a sci-fi drama series co-produced together with VIP 2000 TV and Casablanca. We believe a lot in this project, it has a huge potential in cross-media terms, from TV, licenses and videogames.

The avant-garde and futuristic content of 2050 is combined with the romanticism of classical literature, all with a dystopian touch and a casting of international actors.

What were the results?

2050 has been selected among the 10 finalists for the Pitch Copro Series. We consider that it has been a very good result and a great opportunity to present and disseminate the project in front of the biggest players in the sector.

During the market days we have found our habitual associates with the aim of strengthening ties, but we have also had the opportunity to explore new relationships for projects that we hope to announce soon.

What is the balance of this event and your opinion of the event?

Very positive, we also feel that events such as Conecta manage to encourage the exchange and internationalization between authors, producers and television, invigorating the market. It is also interesting that all this takes place in Spain, a key country – today more than ever – for high-quality production and co-production agreements.

We live in an epoch of enormous changes, which make rethink at a global level the manner in which contents are consumed.

We believe that we need to be able to take advantage of the wave of change through new strategies, betting on technology and above all by narratives that captivate the audience. Fiction is a genre that is consolidating, and from Mondo TV IberoAmerica we are focused on the search for projects for this type of productions.

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