Premiere of the second season of “Sin miedo a la verdad” by Televisa

The series is a social drama produced by Ruben Galindo who together with his cast and media celebrated the first chapter of this second season and TVMAS was present.

The protagonists Ligia and Alex Perea / The creator and producer of “Without fear of the truth” Ruben Galindo



Yesterday evening at the forum 5 of Televisa, San Angel in Mexico City with a red carpet and champagne, the producer thanked his cast and all the production, as well as Televisa for having trusted in a risky and courageous series.”We are demonstrating that in an entertaining way we can reflect real issues of our society.The success of the first season has us here and if the public continues to restock us we are ready for a third season.”

Actress Norma Criss

 Manu (Álex Perea) is a cybernetic hero who has a Vlog, which is used anonymously under the pseudonym “Gus”, with this anonymous identity, he protects all those who have been victims of some injustice. In each episode with his skills, he solves different cases related to diverse problems such as harassment, cyberbullying, sexting, corruption, impunity, organ trafficking, online drug dealing, suicide challenges, human trafficking, and baby theft. Thanks to his mentor Doña Cata (Dacia González), he has managed to recover from his terrible past, and as each case is resolved, he will also discover everything about his terrible past from which he has managed to survive. From Monday to Friday at 9:30 p.m by the Canal de las Estrellas.

JuanDiego Baron and Regina Graniauis together with our director Amanda Ospina.

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