VIS Americas, acquired the rights to the book “38 Estrellas” written by Josefina Licitra


The book, based on a true story, tells the biggest escape in history in a women’s prison. On July 30, 1971, thirty-eight political prisoners escaped from a Montevideo prison.

Mercedes Reincke, VP of VIS Development.

Viacom International Studios acquired the book rights edited by Grupo Planeta has this story in which the author managed to reconstruct the ins and outs of a fact that became known as “Operación Estrella”, but has been neglected in the history of Uruguay and the world.

After a long documentation and several interviews with many of its protagonists – among them Lucía Topolansky, colleague of Pepe Mujica (former President of Uruguay) – Licitra managed to put together an extraordinary story that earned her a place among the best of 2018 according to the prestigious The New York Times. The literary boom in which the book became “38 Estrellas” made this escape an international landmark. The adaptation of this nonfiction novel is an excellent opportunity to advance in the recreation of historical events that have proven to be very attractive to the audience.

In times of female empowerment, “38 Estrellas” puts the spotlight on a collective of women who were not over 25 years of age, who handed over their bodies for a cause, and who were forgotten in history. In the myriad of books that were written about the Tupamaro movement they barely mentioned this escape. Illuminating this muted and dark side puts us in tune with our current era,” said Mercedes Reincke, VP of VIS Development.

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