“Gente Maravillosa”. Nearly one million visitors on YouTube


Glowstar Media exclusive representative and co-producer with Sinapsis Producción of the entertainment format “gente maravillosa” celebrates the public support on YouTube of the Spanish version.

The 180-minute weekly program is of the Happy Ending production company. Through hidden cameras, discovers and rewards people who act exceptionally spontaneously and decorate them as gente maravillosa. “The program has already reached nearly 1 million subscribers, as proof of the sensational success and reach of the show’s cameras internationally,” said Glowstar President and CEO Silvana D’Angelo. Its most famous camera has surpassed 12 million reproductions and will soon adapt in several territories in Latin America.

D’Angelo. CEO de Glowstar

This format recreates situations through amazing hidden cameras created by the production, with the collaboration of unknown actors, so that “wonderful” people appear to show that not everything is lost in today’s society.

The countries that are among those that have most watched the “Gente Maravillosa” channel are Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Uruguay.

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