GLOWSTAR MEDIA closed alliance for Valentino project


“This agreement with the producers Frontera Films, Cactus Cine and Jaque Content is for the commercialization of the original VALENTINO project”.

Silvana D’Angelo

The comprehensive audiovisual management company signed an agreement in which Glowstar’s CEO Silvana D’Angelo considers that it is a dramedy with all the characteristics to be a large format adaptable to many territories. “The comedy with a romance plot, intrigue and fantastic elements, is a content demanded by audiovisual platforms and a universal proposal” the entrepreneur noted.

At GLOWSTAR we evaluate many projects and select only those we consider to have robust development, compelling scripts and potential to become premium content. Currently the most interesting original projects are those that can be extended in several seasons, and VALENTINO meets all these characteristics”, said the expert.

Valentino, a cupid who for 9 centuries has romantically enamored many humans, is forced to retire to Olympus forever due to the rise of the new millennium’s applications and social networks as a way to find a partner, and where the spontaneous “crush” is old fashioned.

But everything will change when Valentino meets the one responsible for his failure on earth: Elena, creator of the most successful dating app.

About the producers: FRONTERA FILMS is a production company with 10 years of experience in film production and realization, of television and advertising.

CACTUS CINE is a group of filmmakers that develops integral film, advertising and television productions with a high aesthetic quality. Its products were sold in various markets such as Asia, Europe and America.

JAQUE CONTENT is a company that has been developing and producing content for different audiences and global window platforms for more than 15 years. With participation in the national and international market, Jaque Content has offices in Argentina and Mexico.

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