Popurri a novel format of Televisa Digital


Popurri, one of the new formats made by Televisa Digital, is a show magazine, which includes information, humor, music and gossip

Gio López

 It’s a surreal humor show, that uses the news of the show and pop culture as a content pretext. The editing and post-production are the stars of the program: variety of tricks, special effects and meaninigless things, are present in each broadcast.

It is conducted by Gio López, who is also involved in the journalistic research and the program scripts. Gio was selected to headline this broadcast, thanks to her style and sense of humor, which perfectly match with the tone and language proposed by the show.  The show created and developed by Veronica Hernandez, published every Thursday through Telehit’s IGTV, each episode lasts 3 to 6 minutes.

Gio López

The program has managed to attract talent such as Aristemo, Carmen Salinas, Vadhir Derbez, Daniel Tovar and Gus Quijas, among others that appear in the episodes by way of interviews and special participations, as well as brands that have found an attractive vehicle to transmit their commercial messages in a fresh and creative way.

Daniel C Zorrilla, director of Canvas, the original content area of ​​Televisa Digital, said that “The idea is to add content that expands the Popurri universe. Recently we launched the stickers and we are preparing a format that will allow us to break breaking news with the characteristic style of the program.”

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