‘Aruanas’ released freely for one week at aruanas.tv


Launched in over 150 countries, the series tells the story of an environmental NGO that fights against illegal mining in the Amazon rainforest

Today, we celebrate Amazon Day, a date created to raise the awareness of people on the importance of the largest tropical rainforest in the world. In 1850, on this same day, Prince D. Pedro II decreed the creation of the Amazonia Province, currently the state of Amazonas. Intending to show the complexity in the work of defenders of the environment and the illegal forest deforestation, the series ‘Aruanas’, a coproduction of Globo and Maria Farinha Filmes, written by Estela Renner and Marcos Nisti, with the collaboration of Pedro de Barros, has its international platform – aruanas.tv – open for one week starting September 5th.

The fiction has in reality its biggest inspiration source and tells the story of four environmental defenders who fight against an illegal mining company that works in the forest. ‘Aruanas’ is an invitation to the fight, the engagement and the discussion on the importance of environmental activists and the Amazon forest, since the biome holds 90 billion tons of carbon, the equivalent to a decade of global greenhouse gas emissions. It also stores 20% of the fresh water supply on the planet and is home to over 50% of the planet’s biodiversity, with over 10 thousand species of plants. The living Amazon is worth much more life than when it is deforested.

Clara (Thainá Duarte), Verônica (Taís Araújo), Natalie (Débora Falabela) e Luiza (Leandra Leal).
Globo/Fábio Rocha

On the last 12 months, between January and July, deforestation of this forest increased 15% – a total of 3,348km² in area. The largest tropical forest in the planet, which encompasses 9 countries of South America, has suffered with constant attacks that do not only harm the biome, but also humankind. And, in 2019, Brazil continues occupying one of the first positions on the rank of nations that kill most environmental defenders.

In ‘Aruanas’, three idealist friends start the environmental NGO Aruana and investigate the activities of a mining company that works in the state of Amazônia, where strange facts occur: anonymous help calls, people getting sick in mysterious ways, murders and threats to native tribes. The activists, each on their own investigative path, create a mosaic of evidence that leads to a big scheme of crimes involving illegal mining and a renowned national mining company. While they unveil a dangerous web of crimes and secrets, these women need to deal with their own ghosts and personal drama. The series is a coproduction of Globo and Maria Farinha Filmes written originally for Globoplay by Estela Renner and Marcos Nisti, with collaboration of Pedro de Barros.

Under the artistic direction of Carlos Manga Jr. and general direction of Estela Renner, the series had the technical partnership of Greenpeace and the support of some of the biggest and most important social organizations of human and environmental rights in the world, UN Environment, Amnesty International, Alana, APIB (Association of Native Tribes from Brazil), Conectas Direitos Humanos, Global Witness, Greenfaith , Imazon, Ipam (Institute of Environmental Research in Amazônia), Instituto Socioambiental, Iser (Institute of Studies on Religions), Justiça Global, Open Society, Foundations, Rainforest Interfaith Initiative ,WWF Brasil, 350 Org, among others.

As purposeful and informational entertainment, ‘Aruanas’ had its global launch on July 2nd, reaching over 150 countries, with subtitles in 11 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Dutch, Russian, Arabic, Hindi, Turkish and Korean. The series is available on aruanas.tv, in an environment powered by Vimeo, where it can be purchased for USD 12.90 – with the exception of the week between September 5th and 12th, when it is free. From July to October, 50% of the sales will be donated to an initiative of Amazon forest protection (to be defined).

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