HITN and the educational expo ‘Raising bilingual children in a multicultural world’


During Hispanic Heritage Month, will present at Barnes & Noble bookstores in several U.S. cities, the program: ‘Raising bilingual children in a multicultural world’ 

Among the activities, there will be educational sections for parents, crafts and fun games for children in cities with a large influx of Spanish speakers such as: New York, Miami, San Diego County, El Paso and McAllen, with the aim of promoting the benefits of bilingual education at an early age.

The program will also include the assistance of mothers influencers in each city. “Initiatives like these are essential to boost the mission of HITN Learning,” said David Rust, CEO of HITN Learning. “Hispanic Heritage Month” is an excellent opportunity to promote pride in roots, while presenting the latest approved teaching methods in mathematics and language. Thus we reaffirm the commitment to continue promoting bilingual education with the objective of contributing to the academic, social and emotional success of Hispanic families.”

‘Raising bilingual children in a multicultural world’, is a 2-hour program, which will present practical tips for parents with fun activities for children in seven Barnes & Noble bookstores. The program will also include educational activities for children with the Cleo & Cuquin Family Fun educational package and App!

Each event will feature the participation of educator Dr. Mariana Diaz-Wionczek, experienced educational consultant for children’s programs: ‘Dora la Exploradora’ and ‘Sesame Street’, who will offer practical advice for parents, emphasizing the benefits of exposing children at an early age to bilingual education.

“Bilingualism is a beautiful thing! Being able to speak two languages builds many bridges and expands our worldview, and it all starts at home, when parents speak with their children in the native language,” said Mariana Wionczek, PhD in Early Childhood Education. “It is important to expose children to the Spanish language at an early age as much as possible in a way that is natural to them.”

HITN Learning, is the educational division of HITN, which is dedicated to the development and promotion of products with a transmedia approach, that promote early education in children. HITN has become a leading pioneer in these types of approaches for nearly a decade, together with its partner ELC (Early Learning Collaborative); recipient of a $ 30 million ‘Ready To Learn’ educational grant from the US Department of Education.

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