Exclusive Interview with TVMAS and Daniel Stigliano


The producer talks about the company’s expansion into Europe and its exotic name AZTEKA FILMS

Daniel Stigliano

In an almost novelistic narrative with TVMAS, Daniel Stigliano explains about Azteka’s letter K. “It was on a trip that we took with director Sergio Cento Docato and actress Maite Zumelzú, to  Mexico we were fascinated by the country, but the letter “K” had an exotic and differentiating tone. The tricycle logo evolved and has to do with the number of partners that we were in that April 2015.” Explains clearly and some nostalgia.

The company had its beginnings in cinema advertising and today with more than 120 commercials over 10 years worldwide, they seek to make feature films and global fiction series. “There will be no shortage of opportunity to demonstrate our talents by telling longer stories.” Thus began this conversation began with a creative of the likes of Daniel Stigliano.

In Argentina they have already produced six (6) fictions. An average of one per year of own projects. “We have stories that have achieved success. And he shares that “Código Negro” (police series with Public TV), “Viento Sur”, an epoch unitary series directed by director and partner of the producer Sergio Cento Docato was nominated for the Martín Fierro award, both the series and the protagonist Maite Zumelzú, actress and partner of the producer are the production company’s flagship titles.”

Another important title is “Taxxi Amores Cruzados” (telenovela broadcast on Telefé), “Pan y Vino” a sitcom and “Por Amarte Así” (telenovela aired on Telefé), starring Maite Zumelzú, winner of the Martín Fierro 2017 award as Best Actress and “La Caída” (series, Public TV). All are AZTEKA FILMS titles.

What is the reason for this alliance with Martin Cappelletti, based in Germany, and with the production company and distributor Mondo TV Iberoamérica, led by Maria Bonaria? ...

“Martín has been a friend for almost 20 years. Then, he left and made a great career as an executive in Spain, reaching important positions in large international networks. And now fortunately, we met again with the international expansion of Azteka. It is a great bulwark of the producer. María Bonaria, is a great creative professional and sales expert, and with Mondo TV Iberoamérica, we have signed agency and distribution agreements with several of our content that complement our co-production strategy in Europe but with international destinations.”

Why Spain?

“Spain is an epicentre of the Ibero-American television industry and the gateway to all of Europe. It allows us to carry out our developments and extend our headquarters from Buenos Aires to Madrid with the aim of producing several series per year.”

In a totally disruptive market, what are the strategies and what kind of stories are you looking for?

“We are looking for attractive content for eclectic and multitarget audiences that will lead you to live a roller coaster of emotions.”

Since competition is no longer about traditional channels, with which genres and targets do you want to bet in a global platform environment?

“We go for thrillers and dramas with some horror, the police with action, the period historicals (which we love), but fundamentally, that they contain melodrama, love stories within those frameworks.”

Let’s talk about the narrative and the artistic. What is the seal that, with this alliance, you pursue in the windows of exploitation?

“Azteka is characterized by developing and producing creative content, not very exploited and with fantastic elements, but, above all, with quality and narrative rhythm; which is what catches the audience. We will continue 100% on this line. And the windows of exploitation do not worry us. They will arrive as it has to be according to the product delivered and consumed.”

What are the pros and cons of this new modality of co-productions and collaborative work remotely thanks to evolving technologies?

“The advantages result in greater and better content from the creation point of view, because in these globalized processes more heads intervene, achieving important brainstormings. This union enhances the products and also the entire production line and the post, saving time and money and eliminating distance barriers. You just have to control the disadvantages that have to do with depersonalization, the lack of personal interaction that is always a plus, and the relaxation of the constancy of the “you to you” but with the ease of technologies is resolved.

Lastly, Daniel said that “they have nothing to do with a traditional Mexican channel like TV Azteca… they’re just differentiated by the “K.” A letter that makes a difference. “They are a prestigious television channel in Mexico and we are a producer of international fiction content. Hopefully they look at us and we can bring content to them and we’ll be proud. But we, we are a creative company in Argentina and we call ourselves AZTEKA with “K”.

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