The third edition of the Ibero-American Congress School+ began


The event is organized by DIRECTV Latin America and SKY Brazil, with the support of Disney, National Geographic, Discovery, Tournaments and Take Off Media

Sandro Mesquita, Vice President of Social Responsibility and Sustainability of AT&T / DIRECTV, for Latin America.

How students will study in the coming decades, what the classrooms will be like, what the teacher’s role will be. These will be some of the questions that will be debated, the experiences and knowledge around digital transformation in the classroom. With five thematic axes and outstanding speakers in two days of conferences in Medellín, Colombia.

The Congress is designed to carry out daily workshops on five themes: Digital media and innovation in education; Rural education and digital media; Redefining the limits in education; Competitions and appropriation of media in education and audiovisual contents for 21st century education.

“These biennial congresses have the purpose of generating a space to update, debate, reflect and share experiences on the field of communication and education in the region. They have a fundamental role in giving visibility to academic and educational work, and to validate the multiple practices that develop in educational spaces,” added Sandro Mesquita, Vice President of Social Responsibility and Sustainability of AT&T/DIRECTV, for Latin America.

With speakers from several countries of Ibero-America, will probe topics such as “Transmedia Narratives: when children are the creators” from Disney and another important theme is “The Power of Digital Influence” by Omar Rincón, Doctor of Human and Social Sciences, National University of Colombia.

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