Inter Medya’s “The Pit” and the popular video game “Zula” are coming together on a project


Produced by Turkey’s acclaimed production company Ay Yapim and sold internationally by one of Turkey’s leading distributors Inter Medya, The Pit (Çukur) has drawn great attention worldwide due to its action filled scenes and the unique flavors it offers to viewers.

Now, “Zula,” the famed MMOFPS game developed in Turkey, will include a map of the Pit in the game as well as some of the beloved characters for fans to have the full experience of the thrilling and exciting TV show.

With the third season of The Pit airing, this collaboration between Ay Yapım and InGame Group will be highly anticipated by fans in Turkey and around the globe, while the series is still dominating the Turkish rating charts. Bringing together two distinct platforms will break a new ground and provide a unique experience in the entertainment industry.

As part of the project, the Pit’s map will be on display in Zula from October 1st, and as of November 1st, two popular characters from The Pit, Cumali Kocavalı and Azer Kurtuluş will be in the game. Millions of gamers can actively experience The Pit on Zula both domestically and abroad.

The cooperation between these two phenomena will make the hearts of the entertainment industry beat faster.

Beatriz Cea Okan, Inter Medya sales executive

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