South Korea’s Luna Hotel is the next premiere in the Philippines on ABS-CBN


Can love blossom between a spiritual and mortal being?  In a mystical hotel located in Seoul, South Korea, lies the answer.  On Monday, November 18,

Hotel luna

“Hotel Del Luna,” ABS-CBN’s newest Korean series, which premieres on Monday, November 18, brings together Nathan (Yeo Jin-Goo), a Harvard graduate with a future of becoming the youngest manager in one of Korea’s largest hotels, and Jang Man-wol (Korean pop star IU), a lonely soul with a painful past that prevents her from crossing the bridge to the afterlife, in a hotel that caters to spirits with unfinished business in the living realm.

When Jang Man-wol unlocks Nathan’s ability to see spirits, he joins her in running the hotel. As they work together in managing the place, their curiosity about each other lead to romantic feelings that neither could stop from growing. But what would happen when they realize that their connection is way deeper than expected?

Will Nathan succeed in saving Jang Man-wol from her tragic fate? And will their love be enough to stand the test of time?

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