The film Nebaj, distributed by COMAREX will be at the Film Festival


The Kenneth Müller film will be guest of honor at the Cana Dorada DR International Film & Music Festival, in the Dominican Republic from January 16 to 20, 2020.

Credit: La prensa

The feature film narrates from a human and cruel perspective the facts about the uprising and flight of the “Ixil” Indians in Guatemala, a group that managed to survive the massacre against them led by the EGP (Guerrilla Army of the Poor) in the eighties. The Ixiles were led by Tomás Guzaro on their way to freedom during the Guatemalan civil war, one of the bloodiest in Latin America, pointing to the Guatemalan army as responsible for the indigenous genocide and other realities that virtually no filmmaker had dared to tell until the arrival of “NEBAJ”, the other side of the coin. Starring Fernando Cuautle and actors with great experience as Ana Serradilla and Sau l Lizaso participate


The Cana Dorada Festival DR International Film & Music Festival, in its first edition, will screen in a gala ceremony “NEBAJ”, the only Latin American film that will have this special screening. The Festival will bring together the best of Hollywood with the Latin industry. There will be figures such as Avi Lerner, Allen Shapiro, Sophie Watts, Darina Pavlova, among others, who will attend to meet and get to know with actors, producers, filmmakers, directors, artists and investors. The aim is to create social networks and new opportunities for the industry. An example of this is “NEBAJ”.

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