“Amanda” big premiere in its local adaptation in Portugal Quer o Destino?


Mediaset Distribution, the distribution partner of MGE in Europe and TVI channel in Portugal premiered two days ago the local adaptation of Amanda (160 episodes)  with the title Quer o Destino?

The new adaptation in 160 episodes of 60’ is produced by Plural Entertainment was broadcast by the commercial channel Televisão Independente (TVI). This new version of “Amanda” is a MEGA production of  Chile.

Quer o Destino? narrates the story of Vitoria Santareno, a young woman who decide to leave the capital for her original town seeking revenge.  When she was only 14, she was abused and witness of a brutal homicide.  Now she is ready and willing to look for justice, but her main obstacle will end up being her own heart.

Manuela Caputi

Margarida V. Pereira Director of International Acquisitions at TVI said: “TVI is thrilled to adapt one more title produced by Mega, after the success of Hijos Del Monte and Donde Esta Elisa? Working with Mega again is really great, beside of being a great partner to work with, we know that we always have the guarantee of a good story, that will make the Portuguese fall in love with. We also hope QUER O DESTINO? will send a strong message to our viewers to end violence against women because we know that Marketing Campaigns are not enough…”

“We, MGE and Mediaset Distribution, are very pleased with this new adaption as it confirms the boundless power that currently have high-quality stories as a format to be adapted. Amanda is a strong story and it’s very modern related to the feminine’ s thematic like emancipation and justice” – commented Manuela Caputi, head of Content sales at Mediaset Distribution.

The scripted format Amanda has been also aired on Makedonia TV, part of Antenna Group, during the last quarter of 2019.

Mediaset Distribution is the distribution arm of MGE in Europe, as a result of an alliance sealed last year between both companies that allows them to distribute their own catalogues in Europe and Latin America, respectively.

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