Globo showcases social dramas in the digital forum of Series Mania


The series ‘Where My Heart Is’, ‘Aruanas’, ‘Under Pressure’, ‘Harassment’, ‘Justice’ and ‘Unsoul’ will be showcased on the digital platform of the content event; that will happen online because of the coronavirus pandemics

Aruanas – Photo credit: Globo/Fabio Rocha
 Where my heart is. Photo credit: Globo/Fábio Rocha
Unsoul. Photo credit: Globo/Estevam Avellar

Between March 25th and April 7th, Globo will showcase part of its catalog of short formats on the digital platform, highlighting the power that social stories have to transform and connect people. With stories that approach universal topics. The series include stories of social dramas, environmental dramas and supernatural thrillers told in a very unique way.

Among the productions that will be showcased, we have ‘Where My Heart Is’ and ‘Unsoul’ – that still haven’t premiered in Brazil and were selected to have their World Premiere at the Berlinale last month –, ‘Aruanas’ and ‘Harassment’, are all original Globoplay productions. The showcase will also include ‘Under Pressure’ – a partnership with O2 Films – and ‘Justice’, with two nominations to the International Emmy Awards.

The series are important because they approach socially relevant topics all over the world and give voice to unconventional characters. ‘Where My Heart Is’, for example, tells the story of the deep dive of Amanda (Letícia Colin), a brilliant physician from the high-middle class, in the world of chemical addiction. As for the fearless protagonists of ‘Aruanas’, they get together to fight for the common good, even though they have to risk their own lives. Risking their own lives to save others, by the way, is part of the daily life of the medical team in ‘Under Pressure’, a team that needs to deal every day with the lack of resources at a public hospital. The protagonist of the production, Marjorie Estiano, was nominated for the International Emmy Awards for her acting last year. And the duality between justice and revenge is the motto of ‘Harassment’ and ‘Justice’, series that are similar because they show how crime, justice and revenge are intertwined and haunt forever the lives of the people involved.

The content will be available for the accredited personnel of the Series Mania Digital Forum at the website

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