Citas Online, original interactive production made remotely


Utópica Media, an Argentine content agency, announced the launch of its first remotely produced digital and interactive series within its Producciones Online slate.

“While we continue to bet heavily on our core-business (development and production of original stories, assembled by authorial teams), we decided to work on creative and collaborative models that allow us to face these times, adding new business units in order to collaborate with the industry”, explains Carlos Wasserman, VP of development of the company. “Difficult times are also times of empathy, adaptation and creativity.”

These are fiction projects, short, digital.  “The idea is to generate content that can be filmed remotely, following the scripts and guidelines that are shared. It is verified and follows the direction of the online form. Then they send us the material for post-production,” adds Sofia Szelske, content manager.

Citas Online follows the story of Mara (30) and Manuel (35), who are known by a dating app. They have been chatting for months and preparing a meeting with great expectation. However, on the day they are finally going to meet, the total and obligatory quarantine erupts in the city, delaying their encounter (and that of millions of people).

From that moment on, Mara and Manuel begin a gale of video calls, chats, sexting, skypes and calls, where they will have the appointment (and several more) that the quarantine forced them to postpone.

Carlos Wasserman, vice president of development for the company.

After each appointment the audience will be able to choose the fate of this peculiar couple, always closing each story with messages of awareness, prevention and care. “While our mission is to tell stories and entertain, we also want to spread awareness messages,” says Wasserman.

The young company has two more projects in development, under the same modality: “Baby Boomers” (8×3′), a comedy about a group of elders that meets online with the aim of assembling a resistance group to what appears to be a sinister plan to take down the elders, and, “El Muro de Josh”, which has the peculiarity of being told in a vertical format, simulating the protagonist’s cell phone screen.

‘Telling stories is our passion. We find in the work with heart and as a team, the way to go through and adapt to these moments,’ completed Wasserman and Szelske.

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