One Chicago franchise great premiere on Universal TV


¨One Chicago¨ franchise presents the premiere of a new crossover of stories between the series ¨Chicago Fire¨ and ¨Chicago P.D.¨, with the great return of one of the most anticipated characters by all fans

Ex P.D. Sean Román played by Brian Geraghty (The Hurt LockerFlightBoardwalk Empire) returns to the Chicago universe with a special participation this April 13 at 21:50HS via Universal TV.

Geraghty’s character left Chicago at the end of the third season to start a new life in San Diego after he was shot while doing his duty. The next crossover, which will be split into two parts, presents an investigation to solve the case of a serious overdose, which involves both officer Sean Román (Brian Geraghty) and his sister. A cross-story that will bring a surprising cast change that fans won’t want to miss.

This new crossing, this time between “Chicago Fire” and “Chicago P.D.” takes as a starting point for the double premiere episode, which will start with the ringing of the bells and call the paramedics to face a rather serious overdose. What will the outcome of this investigation bring the great Sean Román back into the ring with his sister, in the midst of a cross-event to pure action?

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