Cinekid Film Festival expands its call to Latin American projects


  • The renowned Festival with a focus on children’s audience invites female writers from Latin America to its Cinekid Script LAB 2020.
  • The winner will benefit from a 6-month training program for writers with children’s projects.

Cinekid unleashes its Lions – Cineuropa

The event will take place during the Cinekid festival, the most important with a focus on children’s content, and with the participation of more than 500 professionals from the film, TV, transmedia projects, digital arts and media education industries.

Cinekid for Professionals (CfP) is an indispensable event for producers, directors, distributors, channels, artists, academics, researchers and artists working in the children’s space. Cinekid Script LAB is a 6-month training program for writers with a children’s feature film project. The program takes place from October to April each year, and offers a project-specific mentoring.

The deadline for submitting projects will be June 15. Those interested should contact directly through the Colombian producer Françoise Nieto-Fong, responsible for the Program in Latin America. The renowned producer has taken charge of the initiative to position the program in Latin America, and this year it will be particularly focused on stimulating the work of female screenwriters with children’s or family stories.

Francoise Nieto-Fong

“In recent years, Latin America’s film industry has developed, winning international awards and nominations, but children’s and juvenile cinema continues to be neglected, as well as initiatives to promote women’s talent. Film schools do not have special programs for children, juvenile and family genres,” explained Nieto-Fong, who through Visper, her production and distribution company will lead the initiative and participation in the Festival, which will take place virtually in Amsterdam from October 13 to 16, 2020.

“The development of children’s talent will awaken a new generation of writers,” Nieto-Fong added, “while incubating tomorrow’s actors. We seek to give life to scripts that explore the sensations and feelings that are discovered between the ages of 4 and 12. Stories that allow us to open conversations and contribute to the development of our region through narratives that connect culturally with the audience, through the diversity of characters, the musical richness and the variety of the continent. It is crucial to support writers who can be more connected to children’s needs and lives.”

The Netherlands enjoys a rich tradition of children’s and family cinema, vital for educating creative, open-minded children. An important voice as they will soon be at the forefront of this world. In this context, Cinekid seeks to expand its coverage to territories outside Europe, where there is no active development of children’s and family cinema.


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