Gloria and Emilio Estefan to support new Ismael Cala show on MegaTV


  • They are on the inaugural program together with José Luis Rodríguez “El Puma.”
  • Feature other major figures, such as Natalia Jiménez, Luis Chataing, Lucía Méndez, Antonia López, Maritza Fuentes and Alexis and Fido, among others.

Gloria y Emilio Estefan con Ismael Cala

Gloria and Emilio Estefan support “Cala”, Ismael Cala’s new television program, which premiered on Monday July 20 on the MegaTV network, reaching the entire United States.

“We’re supporting Ismael because he is someone who brings light and a positive vision to the world, things that are in such short supply these days,” observed Emilio Estefan, who added, speaking on his own and Gloria’s behalf: “We love him very much and wish him the best with this new program.”

Cala, in turn, expressed his gratitude for the ” honor and the blessing” of having the support of this wonderful couple from the show business world. “I’ve enjoyed the friendship of Emilio and Gloria for many years, and they’ve been an indispensable help to me at key moments in my career,” he concluded.

The program will be a variety show, both entertaining and informative, with commentary, humor, serious issues and, of course, Ismael’s famous interviews.

The rest of this opening week will feature other major figures, such as singer Natalia Jiménez, television host Luis Chataing, actress Lucía Méndez, sexologist Antonia López, Doctor Maritza Fuentes, and Reggaeton duo Alexis and Fido.

Ismael Cala

Ismael noted that the program has been made possible thanks to the trust of Raúl Alarcón, owner of MegaTV; Alberto Rodríguez, the network’s chief executive; José Pérez, Vice President for Programming; and Amer Mercado, executive producer of this brand-new season.

“The program has an innovative format that captures the enchantment and great journalistic maturity” of Ismael,” Pérez commented. Mercado, for his part, stated that the program will present a Cala who is “engaging and funny, who will be trying to convey a mood of hope to viewing households.”

Ismael Cala is a life and business strategist. For five and a half years he was the host of “Cala,” on CNN en Español. A businessman and social entrepreneur, he is the author of eight bestsellers on issues of leadership, entrepreneurship and personal development, including El poder de escuchar (‘The power of listening’), and Despierta con Cala (‘Wake up with Cala’).

Cala was born in Santiago de Cuba in 1969, and holds a degree in Art History from Oriente University.  He is the co-author of the book “Beat the Curve,” with Brian Tracy.  He graduated from the School of Communication at York University in Toronto and has a diploma from Seneca College in Television Production. He is the President and founder of the Cala Enterprises Corporation and the Ismael Cala Foundation.


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