Univision’s Sal y Pimienta was recognized in Times Square NY

  • The program celebrated 10 years since its first airing on Univision in United States

By the LatinPlug entity for National Hispanic Heritage Month. The image of Sal y Pimienta and its presenters, Lourdes Stephen and Jomari Goyso was showcased in one of the largest screen in the world’s most important entertainment district in New York City. it appears every six minutes in the huge marquee at the corner of W 45st and 7th Ave in the heart of Times Square.

This is a recognition granted by LatinPlug; entity with a mission to create content and recognize outstanding figures and entities and their contribution to the Hispanic culture. Throughout October, LatinPlug allocates spaces on different screens in Times Square for these purposes.

On September 19, celebrated 10 years since its first airing on Univision and this year the show successfully returned to the screen with two seasons in primetime on Sundays. “Sal y Pimienta” provides Hispanic audiences with up-to-the-minute news and fun conversations about show business, in-depth coverage of the latest entertainment news, exclusive reports, interviews with industry stars, fashion trends and red carpet specials.

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