Televisa wants to win with Disney+ arrival in Mexico: They signed a deal

  • Disney Plus will arrive in Mexico moving the sands of the entertainment business and Televisa did not want to be left behind

A large market with growth potential like Mexico must be defended, as there are millions that Covid-19 showed to local players.

Netflix reported between April and June revenues of 6 thousand 148 million dollars, a growth of 24.9 percent over the same period last year. Added to this, he said that his net earnings amounted to 1,358 million dollars.

The company noted that 192 million 950 thousand new paid members globally, an increase of 10 million compared to those reported in the first quarter.

With these figures Netflix’s leadership holds the lead but is threatened by Mickey (Disney) the mouse that seeks to eat much of the cheese on the successful platform.

A recent report indicated that Disney+ has already surpassed 50 million subscribers globally. The big success is that it reached them in less than half a year and grew by 22 million subscribers compared to its last report given two months ago.

“Disney Plus will be an additional service that will be offered to the customer base in Mexico. Instead of seeing it as a competitor, there are ways in which we can all benefit, including Disney and ourselves, from new entrants in the market,” revealed Salvi Folch, Director of the cable segment at Televisa in a conference with analysts.

Salvi Folch, Director of the cable segment at Televisa

Along the same lines, Alfonso de Angoitia, Grupo Televisa’s Co-Executive President, assured that now no more details can be given about this agreement, but it is a fact that this service is in addition to Izzi’s proposal.

Alfonso de Angoitia, Grupo Televisa’s Co-Executive President.

“We cannot talk because we have signed a confidentiality agreement with Disney. However, it will be important for us and it will be a complementary service for our cable TV, for our Izzi products”, Angoitia highlighted.

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