Daniela Romo Returns to Univision in “Vencer el Desamor,” (Overcome Heartbreak)

  • A Heartwarming Story About Sisterhood produced by Rosy Ocampo, premieres Monday, November 9

The Channel announces the premiere of “Vencer el Desamor” (Overcome Heartbreak), a new series about four women united by the power of sisterhood.

Valentina Buzzurro, Claudia Álvarez, Daniela Romo, and Julia Uribini star in Univision’s new series “Vencer el Desamor”

This production marks the long-awaited return of actress and singer Daniela Romo to the small screen as Bárbara Albarrán De Falcón, a mother suffering from empty nest syndrome who ultimately finds a new purpose in her life.  Is the story of Barbara, Ariadna (Claudia Álvarez), Gemma (Valentina Buzzurro) and Dafne (Julia Uribini), four women from different ages and backgrounds who, due to external circumstances, are forced to live under the same roof. Together, they will learn that only by standing by each other they will overcome heartbreak, move forward with their life and find happiness.

An inspirational series for the whole family to watch together, “Vencer el Desamor” covers many of the biggest challenges that families currently face from teen pregnancy, infertility and divorce to raising a child with disabilities.

Produced by Rosy Ocampo, whose recent hits include “Antes Muerta que Lichita”, “La Doble Vida de Estela Carrillo” and “La Fuerza del Destino.”

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