Accelerated Growth of the OTT Video Market in Mexico


“It had an annual increase of 66%, reached 15 million subscriptions and the subscriptions double the total of Pay TV by Cable. This sustained growth will allow reaching 22 million OTT subscribers in 2025 ”said Ariel Barlaro, VP for Americas of the Dataxis consultancy



TEXT: In a virtual meeting yesterday, December 14 with members of IDET, Ariel Barlaro, VP for Americas of Dataxis consulting, a leading global company in market intelligence and events on TV, OTT, media and entertainment, commented that Mexico is at the avant-garde in terms of the transformation of the television business, made up of traditional Open TV services, Cable Pay TV and OTT Video services.

According to the Dataxis analysis, Mexico and Brazil, Mexico are leaders in the OTT market in Latin America. He explained that this is due to the geographical extension and its penetration and also the quality of broadband. “This has allowed Mexico to be the first country to launch OTT service platforms, a market in which Netflix is ​​the absolute leader to date,” said Barlaro.

The recent arrival in Mexico of important global providers such as Amazon Prime Video and Disney +, affected that between 2019 and 2020 the base of OTT video subscribers had an increase of 66%, rising from 9 to 15 million subscriptions.

As a result of this, the OTT video subscribers in Mexico doubled the total subscribers of Pay TV by Cable TV. Likewise, they surpassed the total number of satellite Pay TV subscribers.

According to Dataxis, the Mexican market for video OTT services will maintain constant growth in the coming years, which will allow it to reach a total of 22 million subscribers in 2025.

Finally, IDET members agreed that the eventual migration to 5G networks in the country will allow greater access and speed in video-on-demand services on the Internet, which will further detonate the penetration of OTT services, given that consumers they can enjoy audiovisual content anywhere and at any time, through their different mobile devices.

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