DishLATINO and SLING TV expand offers with the addition of ATRESERIES


DishLATINO and SLING TV subscribers will be able to access popular series like ‘Velvet’, ‘El Tiempo Entre Costuras’, ‘Pequeñas Coincidencias’ and ‘Vis a Vis’, as well as the upcoming premieres of the best in Spanish fiction

The series channel from Atresmedia is integrated into channel 813-05 within DishLATINO’s new movies and entertainment package. The channel will also form part of SLING TV’s Latino service

DishLATINO and SLING TV today began offering ATRESERIES, the Spanish series channel, providing DishLATINO’s Hispanic audience access to the most successful series, all with Atresmedia’s programming seal.

Mar Martínez-Raposo, directora de Atresmedia Internacional

Mar Martínez-Raposo, directora de Atresmedia Internacional

Mar Martínez-Raposo, Director of Atresmedia Internacional, affirms, “the entry of ATRESERIES into DishLATINO and SLING TV corroborates the commitment to broadcasting series on linear channels, and the VOD model covers the demand of the large portion of the subscribers of our affiliates. Particularly, it confirms the commitment to content produced in Spanish, that is living a golden age throughout the world.”

“Atreseries supports our commitment to the Latino community by offering top series and high quality productions to our customers,” said Martin Medina, Programming Manager, DISH.

Accessible on channel 813-05 in the new DishLATINO package dedicated to movies and entertainment, “Cine Entretenimiento,” ATRESERIES is the door to major premieres that have made history. These series include ‘Velvet,’ ‘El Tiempo entre Costuras,’ ‘Doctor Mateo,’ ‘Fariña,’ ‘Pequeñas Coincidencias,’ ‘vis a vis’, ‘El Barco’ and the international phenomenon ‘#Luimelia,’ as well as the new upcoming premieres of Atresmedia productions.

In addition, the channel will be available on SLING TV through its Mexico, South America and Spain regional services.

DishLATINO and SLING TV also offer the rest of the Atresmedia channels, which include the best entertainment from Antena 3 with renowned programs like ‘El Hormiguero,’ ‘Tu Cara Me Suena’ and the Spanish version of ‘La Voz,’ popular Spanish cinema classics and contemporary hits from Atrescine, and the most exclusive information and analysis of royalty throughout the world, as well as the celebrities and fashion personalities of the moment, offered by HOLA! TV.

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