ViendoMovies presents various movies from different genres and countries this winter season


The 24-hours a day SOMOSTV company chaired by Luis Villanueva and part of SOMOS Group, channel featuring exclusive, commercial free movies, originally produced in Spanish, presents its new programming for the winter season.

Starting on Sunday 20, and for the coldest season of the year, where most families stay at home and take advantage of watching television, ViendoMovies takes the opportunity to premiere films of various genres and countries dedicated to the Latino population of the United States and Puerto Rico. The selected batch includes productions from Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Guatemala, Cuba, Colombia and the Dominican Republic.

In the month of January several films of diverse origins have been programmed. Animal from Argentina: the strong story of Antonio Decoud (Guillermo Francella). Following by Un Traductor (Cuba), where at the time of the Chernobyl nuclear accident, Malin (a professor of Russian literature at the University of Havana) is separated from his family to work as a translator between the Cuban doctors and the children who are arriving from the USSR to receive treatment for radiation exposure. Malin must find a solution to prevent his mounting depression. Other premieres are El Piedra (Colombia) and De Pez En Vez (Dominican Republic).

In February, the channel brings La habitación (Mexico). With 7 nominations for the Ariel Awards, this is a tale of eight different stories, which take place in the same room but at different times in the modern history of Mexico, thus showing the transformation of the country in its last hundred years. In Mi Querida Cofradia (Spain), Carmen has spent more than 30 years working for her town’s cofradia, and her dream is to become the “older sister” but after a vote has taken place, Ignacio is elected “older brother”. After an unfortunate accident, Carmen leaves him unconscious and has to hide him at home. Everything gets complicated when her daughter argues with her husband (current mayor of the town) and decides to return to her mother’s house. Another unmissable premier is Temblores (Guatemala).

Luis Villanueva. Presidente y CEO de SOMOS GROUP

Luis Villanueva. Presidente y CEO de SOMOS GROUP

To round off the winter season, El Doble Más Quince will be premiere in March. Ana (Maribel Verdú) and Erik are two people apparently with opposite lives who meet in a sex chat one day. She is an adult woman with a determined life but who has an existential crisis, and he is a teenager with a whole life ahead of him but with many unknowns. Also, for this month the channel premieres El Diablo Entre las Piernas (Mexico). Every day Beatriz is the victim of insults and humiliation by her jealous husband, but she does not flee from him because they have created a codependency. Beatriz wants to see if she is still desired, so one night she leaves the house aimlessly with only one purpose: sex. Her return home unleashes the hecatomb. &

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