Effective Media of Mexico “The pandemic came to shake up the advertising industry”



Report of Verónica Pérez Raigosa in Mexico. Written, edited, and translated by TVMAS newsroom

 “The times in which agencies expected clients to adapt to their operation and service models are over.” Raúl Baeza, CEO and Founder of the Mexican company

“Our information indicates that the main source of growth for streaming is PayTV”

Raúl Baeza

Raúl Baeza

The company specialized in consulting, planning and implementation of media strategies, has extensive experience over 10 years. Its founder Raúl Baeza shared his vision with TVMAS on the evolution that advertising agencies have experienced with the pandemic and recognized that 2020 was a year of great contrasts for the industry in general. “It was a challenging year that taught us that we have to be agile, flexible and quick to respond to changing needs, in addition to seeking effective business models that drive consumer and advertiser understanding.”

How do you see this year?

“2021 will put the industry to the test and we believe that only those who manage to transform their business models can be the strategic partners that customers demand”

What is the path like for independent agencies?

Independent agencies should not be understood as a generic that includes them under the same profile. The only variable that we could have in common is that we do not belong to the large global groups. However, this does not mean that we all have the same ways of working or generating value for clients. The pandemic came to shake up the industry and to show which were the agencies, independent or global, that were able to meet the customer’s needs.

The expert also said that “The need to move with greater speed and agility to continue adapting to new realities is evident. The times when agencies expected clients to adapt to their operation and service models are over. Today, as it always should have been, the customer has to be at the center of the service model and solutions that are offered”.

In addition to the pandemic boosting the growth of streaming, given the need to consume more content at home, which also led brands to see new challenges and realities. What has been the main source of growth at Effective Media?

Our data indicates that the main source of growth for streaming is PayTV. This, for obvious reasons, is not good news for brands because commercial spaces are shrinking, but it is a reality, like many others, that forces us to innovate, be creative and find solutions so that our brands continue to reach their audiences effectively”.

What things do brands need to consider to be successful in the future?

  1. Recognize that the crisis does not impact all consumers equally in all categories and in all geographies.
  2. There are no recipes. Do not get carried away by what the majority or the “leading brands” do. You must plan from scratch based on the reality of each brand and each business.
  3. Don’t stop investing. The brands that manage to be present in the lives of consumers by offering them real value and solutions and that manage to make a difference, even a small one, in their lives, will be the ones that win in the future.

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