Andrés Tovar “In times of pandemic, television lives new airs”



By Verónica Pérez Raigosa

The producer of Sale el Sol and De pisa y corre, says in this interview with TVMAS that confinement forces us to explore new proposals and that is how audiences have increased.

Andrés Tovar

Andrés Tovar

Until a few months ago there was talk of the flight of millions of viewers, however, today open television and its contents have taken a new course, managing to raise their audience levels. This is what the producer of Imagen Televisión (Sale el sol and De pisa y corre), Andrés Tovar, explains.

Through these two shows, the producer claims to have achieved audience growth, as well as on digital platforms. “It is complicated but rewarding to do a magazine program like -Sale el sol – in these times of pandemic. It is the opportunity to make a daily program that carries entertaining content with positive and useful values ​​for the people”, said the renowned producer, who for several years through this broadcast has given himself the task of renewing himself, relying on technology.

In some of the sections they were already interacting with the public through social networks; today much more, because in the last 11 months of confinement in Mexico they have looked for other platforms to generate content of interest.

In this interview with TVMAS, Andrés Tovar recognizes that the intention is to make content that does good for people, exploring all kinds of problems. “Fortunately, we have done very well on television and digital, content consumption has grown a lot.”

Andrés Tovar en el foro de producción

Andrés Tovar in the production forum

What is the challenge now?

“The challenge is to continue evolving the format in the face of this pandemic and to support we on the platforms to continue transforming ourselves.”

The Imagen Televisión producer has also worked with Televisa on projects such as “Los héroes del Norte 2”, “Cloroformo”, in addition to being part of El Mall, a company in charge of creating content led by the experienced producer Pedro Torres.

While in theater he participated as associate producer in “Scream to heaven with all my heart.”

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