Inxel: A great venture as a virtual mobile operator in Mexico



“Communities that do not have access can now be connected”. Andrés Serra, General Director

Report by Verónica Pérez Raigosa. Drafting, editing and translation of TVMAS

In order to provide greater coverage and high quality service, the company begins its activities as a virtual mobile operator in Mexico, where it seeks to reach the most remote communities.

Andrés Serra

Andrés Serra

Andrés Serra, General Director of Inxel told TVMAS that they are starting their activities with the firm intention of becoming more than a new option in the market, “we want to offer users solutions to their internet and telephony needs, with attractive prices.”

He stressed that inXel has the Red Altán infrastructure, which facilitates the adoption of information technologies in urban and rural areas by using the 4.5 LTE (VoLTE) network that offers excellent quality in calls and higher browsing speed, in addition to reaching to regions that lacked connectivity.

What is the main objective and goals in the medium term?

It is to cover the whole country. For four months we began with this work through our website What we want is to position ourselves and go for 2 percent of the market in the next 5 years, as well as add new products to the portfolio if necessary ”.

What are the strategies?

As part of the line of work, alliances are fundamental. We want to go to the magical towns and small communities that have not had coverage from traditional providers and establish local distribution alliances to generate jobs.

What is the trajectory of the company?

InXel has a team of more than 20 years of work, in addition to a technological infrastructure developed in Mexico. It is national technology and that fills us with pride.

What is the coverage currently?

At this moment we have a coverage of 60 percent, Altán’s footprint covers 80 million 600 thousand people and has a deployment of 8 thousand radio base stations. We seek to provide a memorable experience.

The expert concludes by saying that they have authorization from the Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) to establish and operate or exploit telecommunications services, for which they are connected to the Altán Redes Network.

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