Pakapaka winner at the comKids Festival – Prix Jeunesse Iberoamericano 2021


The public children’s channel Pakapaka, was the winner at the Festival comKids – Prix Jeunesse Iberoamericano 2021 in the category “7 to 10 years old – Fiction” for its episode La asombrosa excursión de Zamba y Nina.

This poetic chapter is about the search for identity, the contribution and legacy of the Afro-Argentine community in Argentine history and also about freedom and love.

The episode takes place in Buenos aires back in 1812, where Nina dreams of images of Africa, boat trips and a lullaby. She tells Zamba that she wants to meet her father, who worked in a brick factory and was taken to La Pampa. So together they begin a journey that will end up leading them to Lima. She reconstructs her history and her father’s history, and retrieve her name:

Saturnina. With Zamba they dance and celebrate what is to come: the freedom of the enslaved.

Zamba y Nina  is part of the emblematic and award-winning series ‘La asombrosa excursión de Zamba’, made by the production company El Perro en la Luna, which tells the adventures of Zamba, a boy who lives in the city of Clorinda, in the Argentine province of Formosa. In each episode of the animated series, which has been running for ten years now, he learns, together with his teacher and classmates, about events in history, the arts, culture, and science through magical journeys that take him back in time to experience adventures with heroes, artists and scientists from all over the world and from all eras.

The Festival comKids – Prix Jeunesse Iberoamericano 2021 is one of the most prestigious competitions in the world that celebrates quality productions for children and adolescents in Spanish and Portuguese. This year’s edition, despite the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, received a record number of applications. More than 270, from 11 countries in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula. 85 productions of these reached the final stage of the competition.

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