The Latin American startup that reaches more than 45 countries and combines films, series, short films, podcasts, and audiobooks in its offering has signed recognized Industry talents to continue its international advancement and development

Ignacio Landeta, Dominique Recordon, Gustavo Otero

Ignacio Landeta, Dominique Recordon, Gustavo Otero

Tribes Media, founded by Roberto Soto, a senior executive in the media industry with long experience leading the streaming services of Warner Media, Liberty, Fox, Viacom, and startups such as MUBI internationally, is making steady progress in its international expansion strategy, implementing a renewed executive team to lead the company’s next steps.

A few months after the successful launch of its multiplatform offering with specialized content, the international startup has added three experienced leaders from the media industry to its team, to continue Its international expansion and the launch of new niche platforms. Ignacio Landeta, formerly of Disney and co-founder of Tribes Media, will provide leadership as CEO; Gustavo Otero, formerly of Fox, will serve as CFO; and Dominique Recordon, formerly of Disney, will lead the Marketing and Content team for the three brands that Tribes Media distributes globally.

Tribes Media is a world leader with its GLITCH, MYST, and SELEGO brands, which are the world’s first streaming SVoD services, combining multiple formats, including movies, series, short films, podcasts, and audiobooks. It has a presence in more than 45 countries and has an extensive library of more than 3,500 multi-format assets, as well as offering hundreds of hours of content available for immediate programming. The new leadership strengthens the existing team, allowing it to focus on increasing the number of subscribers through direct-to-consumer models and strategic distribution alliances with digital partners and Telcos (B2B2C) to provide a central axis for global expansion.

“We are experiencing a concentration of content from streaming subscription services, which is why we saw the need, and a great opportunity in the international market, to make a space for the distribution of carefully curated niche content, where both fans and communities can find everything they like in one place,” said Ignacio Landeta, Co-Founder and CEO of Tribes Media. He added, “Our brands have Immense potential, and the increase in subscribers of GLITCH, MYST and SELEGO in recent months demonstrates this.”

Regarding the new team, Landeta, said, “I’m proud to have a tremendous team that will allow us to compete and expand globally. All the experience and leadership of this great team will be essential to drive the growth of Tribes Media and its brands to the next level.“

Since its launch, Tribes Media has closed distribution agreements for its GLITCH, MYST, and SELEGO brands with more than 100 international companies. The three platforms have been warmly received by the public and have a growing number of loyal subscribers, fans of the independent animation, horror, and film genres. The GLITCH platform is focused on animation and is on the way to becoming a trend in the growing digital ecosystem of an international community that seeks different offerings for non-child audiences. For their part, lovers of thrillers and mystery have found in MYST’s offering the suspense, horror, fantasy, science fiction, and crime that they want to see, all in one place. SELEGO was designed with audiences who love independent, cult, and inclusive cinema in mind, as well as covering LGBTQ+ themes and Latino and European cinema.

Ignacio Landeta is an accomplished executive with over 18 years of experience in the media

and content distribution industry in Latin America. His expertise in subscription and streaming business development has led him to major international companies such as Liberty Global, Telmex, FOX Networks Group, and The Walt Disney Company.

Gustavo Otero is a Senior Finance Executive, an expert on Strategy, Planning and Financial Management, he’s got more than 20 years of international experience in every aspect of financial management, acquired in Multinational organizations and Big Four.

Dominique Recordon  With more than 12 years of experience in Marketing, Commercial, and Product areas in the entertainment industry and digital platforms, Dominique has forged herself as a leader in the Content Industry, standing out for her strategic thinking, innovative vision, and creativity. Before joining Tribes Media, and for more than 9 years, she worked at FOX Networks Groups and The Walt Disney Company Latin America, leading the Marketing strategy and managing high-performance teams in the Premium PayTV digital content subscription business. Her performance in both companies resulted in demonstrable achievements in brand, sales, and revenue growth indicators for Chile, Peru, and Bolivia.



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