In the second virtual edition of International Conference in its 31st edition, organized by ATVC and Cappsa with a focus on TIC.

Daniel Celentano, Executive Director of ATVC opened the event that included Sergio Veiga (Cappsa) and Wálter Burzaco (ATVC), Claudio Ambrosini as Chairman of the Enacom Board of Directors and the recorded message of the Head of Government of the City of Buenos Aires.

Sergio Veiga

Sergio Veiga

Sergio Veiga said that “Programmers must maintain users in their ecosystem and a political framework with basic agreements and avoid actions such as decree 690 that limits prices to the public.”

Wálter Burzaco

Wálter Burzaco

Wálter Burzaco, remarked how TIC  services were in the eye of the storm in the pandemic and only adjusted 26% in that period, which cannot be a public service since it was always developed in competition, allowing more coverage even than water and others services. He also regretted that the Government issued DNU 690/20 qualifying the services as public and ordered a unilateral freeze on prices.

In the main speech of the event, Claudio Ambrosini from Enacom, said that they saw the need to name TIC a public service due to the asymmetries in society. He stressed that the dialogue and the importance of popular sectors being able to access TIC services was never lost. Beyond the judicialization of each case, he said that his function as a regulator is to sit down with the industry and take care of the (PYME) entrepreneurs for whom they generated many support programs.

Horacio Rodríguez Larreta stressed that he spent several years in the Conference and that there is the challenge of reaching more people. He said that the coverage of services is 95% which shows that communications are essential.

The panel on Connectivity in this new context as a public service, with regional scope with Manuel Cipriano from Peru, Laura Botero from AHCIET and other analysts, who focused on the need for Competition to promote lower prices and broadband, as it happened in Mexico.

Another important issue: Digitization of the Society for public management, with the deputy governor of Córdoba, Manuel Calvo ..

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