“In JORNADAS INTERNACIONALES 2021” To invest in TICs we need clear rules “


Representatives of the sector and pyme held an arduous debate that was one of the most significant of the meeting organized by ATVC and CAPPSA. This debate denies what Claudio Ambrosini, president of ENACOM, assured

FECOSUR, Telefónica Movistar de Argentina, DIRECTV Argentina, CABASE, Telecom Argentina and CACPY, presented their vision and stated that the private sector is willing to continue investing, but they need clear rules from the State

The panel was moderated by Cecilia Domínguez with the presence of Antonio Roncoroni, Presidente of Federación de Cooperativas del Servicio Telefónico de la Zona Sur  (FECOSUR); Alejandro Lastra, director of regulación y asuntos públicos  of Telefónica Movistar de Argentina; Francisco Barreto, vice presidente of  Asuntos Externos y Regulatorios de DIRECTV Argentina; Ariel Graizer,  presidente of  Cámara de Internet (CABASE); Hernán Verdaguer, director of  Asuntos Regulatorios de Telecom de Argentina; Marcelo Tulissi, presidente of  Cámara Argentina de Cableoperadores pyme (CACPY).

Ariel Graizer expressed “Our sector brings together more than 1,200 pyme companies that serve the interior of the country and generates 60,000 direct jobs along with 120,000 indirect ones. We are part of the development of the localities, of the communities where we are”.

“We have 68% of households connected, with an average speed of 40 mb per second. This data place us in second place in the region. We have achieved this, despite some drawbacks, including the obstacles that exist in many localities to be able to deploy networks. This is a matter that the State must resolve to fulfill the commitment to connect all Argentines”.

Marcelo Tulissi highlighted: “OTTs have an absolute advantage. They are not considered ‘Public Service’, they do not need a license, they do not have the charges of third-party representation associations, they do not need municipal permits, they do not pay fees of any kind. The court is very inclined. We are investing in infrastructure. And OTTs are the ones that monetize their services. The State must create rules and policies that give certainty to investment in the medium and long term. This is the key to development”.

The panel also discussed the dual role of OTTs. “They compete with us in services and are providers and owners of fundamental content such as sports. This must be remedied so that thousands of jobs are not lost” Marcelo Tulissi shot.

The president of ATVC, Walter Burzaco, called for dialogue, “We are a mature industry, with the will to continue investing. What is coming in 5G tells us that there is a need for investment. We need clear rules. The digitization process is inevitable. It is not an option; it is a necessity”.

This debate denies what Claudio Ambrosini, president of ENACOM, said at this event. Because in TVMAS, (Media Partner of JORNADAS INTERNACIONALES for 22 years) we presented in our edition that circulated in this event and that is circulating in other industry events, a report with some voices of pyme in Argentina, in which they lament little support from the government; and instead, they denounce how the State affects the small and medium businesses of the industry.

See the report here  https://issuu.com/tvmas-tvmasmagazine/docs/tvmas-sep-oct_2021para_evento?fr=sNzA3ZDc5MjQ4Mg

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