The documentary Voces de E! premieres in Latin America


From an experiment carried out with Artificial Intelligence, in which more than 350 women participated, this documentary questions the canons of current beauty in Latin America and poses a necessary change in society and the media.

This is a new documentary, original production, which with a unique theme of female empowerment seeks to enhance the voice of women and question the canons of beauty and prevailing stereotypes in the media. The premiere is tomorrow Friday, November 19 at 10:00 pm in Latin America on E! Entertainment.

¨VOCES DE E! ¨ has unpublished testimonies from great women such as Cecilia Roth, Lala Pasquinelli, Ana Torrejón, Mónica Milito, Andrea Echeverri (Aterciopelados), Belky Arizala, Alejandra Borrero, Michelle Rodríguez (40 and 20, I fall with laughter) , Danielle Dithurbide, Yásnaya Aguilar, Martha Ortiz, Sandra Echeverría (Savages), Morganna Love, Margarita “la Diosa de la Cumbia”, Bárbara Torres, Brenda Kellerman and Moyenei Valdés.

The documentary comes to face the canons of current beauty in Latin America through an experiment, carried out with artificial intelligence, in which more than 350 women from Latin America created imaginary faces from 4 questions: What do you think a pretty woman looks like?  What does a woman who appears on television and screens look like? What does the woman who appears the most in the media look like? What does the woman who should occupy a leadership role look like?

This documentary is part of the institutional campaign of the channel ¨Voces de E! ¨, an initiative that brings together efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion of NBCUniversal International Networks in the region, with the aim of promoting female empowerment and enhancing the voice of women regardless of their race, age, gender, and beauty patterns.

The documentary joins a series of original productions by NBCUniversal International Networks including: ¨Con Carmen¨, ¨Escuela Imparables¨, ¨Belleza XL¨, ¨Born To Fashion¨, ¨Popsulas¨ and ¨JuJu Boot Camp”.

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