WarnerMedia Latin America and VIACOMCBS prepare “Hola Qatar”


“Un pequeño gran viaje en 48hs.”  and “Hola Qatar”, two new productions with Iván De Pineda as host, which will be premiere on the Telefe screen

Ivan de Pineda

Ivan de Pineda

WarnerMedia Latin America and ViacomCBS announce the start of two important projects: the new season of “Un pequeño gran viaje en 48hs” and “Hola Qatar”, a new format that will be broadcast prior to the 2022 Futbol World Cup. Both programs will premiere on Telefe and later will take place on pay-TV, on WarnerMedia brands.

With Argentina as the great setting, Iván will continue visiting the provinces in search of the best and most recent tourist destinations. “Un pequeño gran viaje en 48hs.” offers advertising brands a strategic setting, which brings together multi-target content in each broadcast with various themes such as entertainment, tourism, gastronomy, culture, mobility, and communication.

The last season of “Un pequeño gran viaje en 48hs.” August 2021 generated great acceptance from the audience. Twelve tourist destinations in Argentina were part of it and Iván, who was recently distinguished with a Platinum Konex award for his work as a host, oversaw showing the best places and everything you need to know to know the beauties of our country.

Likewise, WarnerMedia Latin America and ViacomCBS are preparing a new branded content that will also feature Iván as host: “Hola Qatar”. Qatar will host the Soccer World Cup in December 2022, for which the Argentine team is already qualified. De Pineda will present the stadiums and cities in which the World Cup will take place and will tell all the curiosities of each of the places on the World Cup dates. The program will have six episodes that will be recorded in September 2022 and will be broadcast on the Telefe screen.

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