Italy’s Mediaset sold to the United States Cruzando los limites


Cruzando los límites

The audiovisual content distributor MGE sold the medical series to NBCUniversal.

It is a series of 12 episodes that explores the mysteries of the mind, particularly of adolescents.

The agreement contemplates the Hispanic market in the United States through its digital channels, including Telemundo Plus and the Peacock platform.

Esperanza Garay

“At MGE, we’re excited to provide clients like NBCUniversal with relevant, topical stories for their younger audiences. Cruzado los limites is a great production from Mediaset Distribution, not only because of its high-quality standards and its excellent narrative, but also because it closely touches on the important issue of mental health in youth, so we are sure it will be widely accepted”. Commented Esperanza Garay, CEO of MGE.

It is a 12-episode medical series that explores the mysteries of our minds with a promise of hope.

What happens when something breaks in the delicate mechanism of a teenager’s mind? And what if there wasn’t someone with the intuition and passion it takes to follow you beyond that threshold?

Tosca Navarro tells the story. She is a psychiatrist and head of a unit that is at the forefront of treating adolescents with mental disorders. Thanks to her intuition and her deep humanity, she always manages to help and even cure her young patients. Tosca is the best in her field, perhaps also thanks to the secret she hides: a difficult past as a teenager with a personality disorder and a diagnosis of schizophrenia. Her mind is a time bomb ready to explode, which she only manages to keep at bay thanks to drugs and self-control.

Established in May 2018 and headquartered in Miami, Florida, MEGA GLOBAL ENTERTAINMENT (MGE) is an independent distributor, an alliance between the leading Chilean channel MEGAMEDIA and the renowned industry executive Esperanza Garay, to offer a wide variety of content from entertainment, including: original productions, telenovelas, series, as well as fiction and entertainment formats in general.

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