Screenings of six major studios in Los Angeles confirmed


The traditional LA Screenings in May are taking their course and dates and protagonists are known.

Studio screenings at Paramount, Warner Bros., NBCUni, Sony Pictures, Lionsgate and MGM are confirmed in Los Angeles, California. Appointments will start May 16th through the 26th.


  • Paramount Global Content Distribution: May 21-25 (General)
  • Warner Bros.: May 16 (for Canada), May 23 (general)
  • NBCUni: May 21-24 (general). Latin Day: May 22.
  • Sony Pictures: May 23-26 (general). Latin Day: May 24.
  • Lionsgate: May 22 and 23 (general).
  • MGM: May 21 and 22 (general).

As already known, the LA Screenings Independents event, which brings together Latino buyers and several of their main suppliers, has been confirmed for May 18-20 at the Fairmont Century Plaza.

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