Crimes and black humor in the second installment of “Rosenheim Police”


Europa+ presents the incredible stories of homicide, investigation and comedy in this German series.

The second installment of season 15 will be available this Friday, March 11 on the Europa+ platform, with 23 episodes of 50 minutes each.

From Upper Bavaria, new episodes of “Rosenheim Police” arrive, the German crime and black humor series that recounts the misadventures of officer Michi Mohr and inspectors Sven Hansen and Anton Stadler, while solving homicides and one or another daily crime.

The second installment of the Rosenheim Police season 15 will be available this Friday, March 11 on the Europa+ platform, with 23 chapters of 50 minutes each, where the incredibly complicated relationships that arise between the characters are also shown.

During the investigations, the protagonists will have time to enjoy idyllic landscapes and luxurious pre-Alpine villas in the town of Rosenheim, as well as sumptuous Bavarian food accompanied by beer.

The murder of the popular doctor Torsten Rathuber, the surprising discovery of the body of councilor Franz Wagner dressed as Santa Claus and the death of chef Josef Schrattner are some of the crimes that the Rosenheim Police will have to solve.

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