The series “The history of the World Cups” in the Catalog of J.R Videos Intl.


The company owned by Argentine businessman Jorge Rossi appointed APA International as distributor of the series.

APA International, owned by renowned businessman Rafael Fusaro, is presenting this production of 57 1-hour programs on open TV, pay TV and DVD channels.

The iconic series “La historia de los Mundiales”, whose rights belong to Jorge Rossi, was launched in 2001 on Fox Sports, and has toured the audience in Latin America and the US Hispanic market. The production adds an episode every four years, and since last October it has been available remastered in 4K.

J.R Video Intl. has produced and distributed this title, which is about to add a new episode when the next World Cup is held in Qatar this year.

Jorge Rossi told TVMAS that he will continue to produce new chapters of “The World Cup History” every 4 years, and pressing the needs of the market, he will venture into the areas of great demand.

Jorge Rossi

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