Smilehood will participate in the Kidscreen in Miami

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“We are focused on reactivating our presence in audiovisual markets since our purpose for 2022 is to explore new territories and languages ​​with Plim Plim. We are investing in dubbing, and we are looking for allied companies to join in this goal”.

Kidscreen is the most prominent event in the children’s entertainment industry and takes place in several countries around the world. Tomorrow, Monday 18, it will bring together the leaders of the animation and children’s programming market

For Smilehood, a company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, it has been a great achievement to survive the bad streak brought by Covid-19. But its founder and president Guillermo Pino says that they did not stop creating high-quality content and today they have a very important place in Latin American families. “We bet on continuing to grow, always believing that the most important thing is the human resources that make up our company. This year we keep getting good news: Plim Plim is one of the most watched TV shows in LATAM in countries like Paraguay, Colombia, Uruguay, Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru and Chile, among others”.

The company’s main property is Plim Plim, A Hero of the Heart, a content aimed at preschool children, which is inspired by human values ​​and aims to stimulate the first positive habits to make childhood a magical world. With an innovative aesthetic along with their songs, they merge into a simple and fun idea: learn while smiling.

The animated series was released in 2011 by Disney Junior Latin America. It was broadcast by Discovery Familia in the United States, Netflix and in more than 30 countries around the world. It is currently a success on YouTube generating millions of views.

With the focus on reactivating their presence in audiovisual markets since the purpose for 2022 is to explore new territories and new languages ​​with Plim Plim, they are investing in dubbing and are looking for allied companies to join this objective. “Our commitment is to make Plim Plim grow, also promoting our Live Shows, which have been very successful in Argentina. This 2022 we are premiering a live show in Buenos Aires. We intend to tour different countries in Latin America with this new show,” said the creative and businessman.

Objectives in Kidscreen 2022. “Our main objective for 2022 is to find ways to grow in new territories and languages. We want to share with the market that we have a strong property with permanent growth”.

Guillermo Pino & Pim Plim

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