Dejemonos de Vargas, premiered on RCN Colombia

Series / Comedy


Grand premiere yesterday at 8:00 p.m. by the Colombian channel RCN with the arrival on the screen of Dejemonos de Vargas.

A particular comedy in which the protagonist is Ramón Vargas, the only son of the remembered Vargas family and who made history on Colombian television with ‘Dejemonos de vainas’.

This new story in which ‘Ramoncito’ has left his adolescence behind and faces the reality of being a husband, father, friend, and employee and that he also mixes with his passion for football and journalism, inherited from his father.

Of course, in this story there will also be Maru Yamayusa with her unforgettable role as ‘Josefa’ who returns to the city from ‘Aposentos Tuta, her town’, but she will not arrive alone. She will arrive accompanied by her niece Yenniffer Chivatá who lives willing to become the right hand of the Vargas family, continuing the legacy of her aunt Josefa.

The story is from FoxTelecolombia for Canal RCN, starring Carlos ‘Pity’ Camacho and Margarita Muñoz, who will give life to Ramón Vargas and Verónica Restrepo, a married couple, he a journalist and she a lawyer, who struggle to get their family forward and adapt to a series of unexpected changes.

The cast also includes Constanza Duque, Emmanuel Saldarriaga, Melissa Cabrera, Andrea Guzmán, Aco Pérez, Nataly Umaña and Julio Pachón.

The direction in charge of Israel Sánchez and Santiago Vargas and the executive production of Federico Castillo, with scripts by Guido Jácome.

In this new production of Canal RCN, in addition to the acting challenge of being the protagonist of the story, Carlos ‘Pity’ Camacho surprises the audience with the interpretation of the presentation theme song ‘What are we going to do’?.

SYNOPSIS. Ramoncito, despite being 40 years old, will continue to be Ramoncito, as he was called in his family, to differentiate him from his father, Juan Ramón Vargas. Years have passed and now Ramón has his own family and together with them he will have to face thousands of unexpected situations that will put him in real trouble.

A dad with a streak of bad luck; a beautiful, successful lawyer wife; an unusual teenage son; a best friend, with all the coastal flavors; an employee who does not cook, but who sings all the time at the top of her voice; an adopted dog who guesses the scores of football matches and a daughter they don’t know, are the ingredients of this crazy family.





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