“VOICES OF E!” The documentary premieres today


This documentary is part of the institutional campaign of E! Entertainment, an initiative that brings together the efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion of NBCUniversal International Networks in the region, with the aim of promoting female empowerment and exalting the voice of women.

The channel announces the great premiere of this new original production documentary that gives voice to leading women in the current digital world of Latin America to demand an immediate change in the canons of beauty and stereotypes that affect mental health.

The program reveals through a social experiment together with three important leaders from Latin America, Nikki Figueroa, Luisa Fernanda W and Cirle, who present how social networks impact and affect women’s mental health.

After submitting to the comments of their followers after making an unusual post in their content, the participants obtained strong criticism as a result, which, in turn, is analyzed by the psychologist Fabiola Cuevas -an anxiety expert- and other invited voices. from Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Puerto Rico as Jeimy Osorio and Ophelia Pastrana.


LUISA FERNANDA W famous blogger, youtuber and singer of the urban genre. Born in the city of Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia, she rose to fame for being one of the digital leaders with the most Instagram followers in Colombia.

CIRLE TATIS, a renowned Afro-descendant woman from Cartagena and activist, she promotes a discourse of self-love to work to vindicate Afro aesthetics in Colombia.

NIKKI FIGUEROA acclaimed digital content creator popular on TikTok and Instagram. She is originally from Santa Ana, El Salvador. She is passionate about exercise and healthy living.

The premiere is today Thursday, December 1 at 8pm / LATAM. By E! Entertainment.



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