Liliam Hernández interview


Liliam Hernández, Universal Labs Of America Inc. CEO and founder. Universal Cinergía CEO and co-founder.

“We are preparing a historic mega event for January 22, 2024 withing the framework of Content Americas at the Temple House in Miami Beach and it will be a high-voltage event”

To TVMAS ‘s question, what are the projects or adventures that have excited me the most? It has definitely been the great adventure when I went to Paris with my partner Gema López and I told her ‘let’s go to DISCOP in Istanbul‘ she looked at me with a What? Gemma was right. It was not in our plan, but i wanted to get to know Istanbul and venture out to make our company become the first to dub such wonderful stories into Spanish.”

“I remember that we arrived at the Intercontinental Hotel near the convention center of the event. Obviusly, very scared and also quickly planning strategies for how we were going to face the event. And at the Hilton across the street, we saw my friend Cristóbal Ponte, poof! What a relief! He guided us a lot. But the key person to enter the Turkish market was our friend, the director of TVMAS Amanda Ospina. She not only introduced us to leaders of various companies such as Beatriz Cea Okan, VP and director of sales and acquisition of the Turkish producer and distribut, Inter Medya and executives of companies such as Calinos Entertainment among other companies; but she also generously shared our unforgettable adventure and stay in such a beautiful city. When women support each other, we do better”.

“From that wonderful adventure in which my partner supported me, who always follos me in my ‘follies’ to put it in some way, today we have 11 companies in our client portfolio from Turkey that trust both of us and our work team. My partner Gema and I are proud to be part of the success that these companies have had and continue to have.”

“Who can believe it? that two adventurous girls, exploring new businesses and at the same time enjoying a beautiful city with as much history as Istanbul, todary we are doin 85% of the dubbing of Turkish content for Latin America”.

“We are preparing a historic mega event for January 22, 2024 within the framework of Content Americas who is ivis us support to carry it out at the Temple House in Miami Beach and it will be a a high-voltage event. We will bring actors, writers, producers and leaders of important companies in gratitude as a tribute to celebrate the success of Turkish content on this continent. We are very grateful that the have entrusted their great productions to Universal Cinergía“.

“We are happy with this project; it is like putting together a puzzle. When I get up, I put on a new piece. It’s a hard work but a lot of fun. I want Universal Cinergía to express its great gratitude with this event to these companies that have also been an essential part of the growth and success of our company”.

“I tell the women in the industry that ‘not everything should have a strict or advance plan, we must give free rein to intuition, spontaneity and risk what our hearts tell us without fear.”

Liliam Hernández is a successfull entrepreneur and much loved by the industry, persevering and owner of “a fascinating spark” that is her sense of humor. But the most important thing is that she is a woman with a high degree of integrity and human quality.

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