PARAGUAY host country of “Asunción Media Show”


Pablo Scotellaro, CERTAL CEO

This Latin American country is the focus of attention in the world of telecommunications. Host of “Asunción Media Show” event in which TVMAS is a Media Partner.

The Grupo Isos event takes place on September 5 and 6 at the Sheraton Hotel and, in this edition, co-organized by CONATEL and CERTAL, it is presented as a platform for technological advancement and cooperation between leading companies in the sector.

Among the participants are important companies such as Olé Distribution, CLARO, Personal, Huawei, Tigo, TyC Sport, UCLTV, MBA Networks, Disney, Warner Bros. Discovery, AISTEL, ATVC, CAPPSA, ASIET, Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment – ACE-, MITIC, CUTA. The Chilean Cable TV Association and other government entities from Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina have an important presence.

The event is sponsored by important industry media such as: La Nación, Multimedios Canal 13, Multimedios Unicanal, Multimedios Telefuturo, Prensario, TV Latina, Broadcaster, Señal, ATVC, Newsline Report and TVMAS.

“Asunción Media Show” brings together professionals from the sector, academics, regulators, and telecommunications enthusiasts. Within the framework of the event, the Summit of the Center of Studies for the Development of Telecommunications and Access to the Information Society of Latin America (CERTAL) is held, to discuss issues such as piracy, regulation, the development of telecommunications , digital transformation, and the challenges of the industry in the current situation of television and streaming.

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