MIP Cancún Cradle of WAWA on its seventh anniversary will present the award to the Woman of the Year


Worldwide Audiovisual Women’s Association (WAWA)

Worldwide Audiovisual Women’s Association (WAWA) in an agreement with RX France, organizers of MIP CANCUN, the association invites the members and all participants of the event to the celebration of the seventh anniversary and the presentation of the traditional ‘WAWA Woman of the Year award’

MIP Cancún market celebrates from November 15-17  2023

WAWA was created at MIP CANCUN in 2016, and returns to its origins to celebrate the Woman of the Year for the first time in an event open to all participants at the industry’s leading audiovisual content and co-production market for Latin America and the US Hispanic territory.

“At MIP CANCUN, we started with 40 women from Latin America, and today we are more than 450 worldwide, demonstrating that IN UNITY THERE IS STRENGTH”, says Liliam Hernandez – President – Founder.

The event, named “Stronger Together,” will take place on Wednesday November 15th in the Cancun Theater of the Moon Palace Hotel & Resort as a prelude to the market’s opening party.

The WAWA Woman of the Year is the association’s most prestigious award and celebrates the most outstanding professional of the year, based on the values of Leadership, Ethics, Diversity, and Commitment to building and strengthening a more inclusive industry for everyone.

“Presenting the ‘WAWA Woman of the Year’ award within the framework of MIP CANCUN reaffirms our purpose, commitment, and vision for Latin America”, says Cecilia Gómez de La Torre – Vice President – Founder.

“It’s a privilege to host such a celebratory and inspiring event for this special edition. We are proud to have been the birthplace of WAWA at MIP CANCUN and of our ongoing partnership to progress the values and aims we share.” Says Maria Perez-Bellière – MIP CANCUN Director.

The selection of the winner of the WAWA Woman of the Year award began in May, with a first round of voting that selected the three nominees. Currently, until the end of July, all active members of the organization are voting for the winning candidate. The result will be announced at the event on November 15th.

Also, WAWA is carrying out the WAWA Business Forum LAB, with the support of the Ibermedia Program, and for the second consecutive year, the WAWA – Lifetime Mentoring  Program. Both mentorship programs provide a group of women and emerging talents from the region with different training opportunities to strengthen their audiovisual projects and subsequently present them to a potential co-producer at the November market.

Established across the last decade and renowned for its signature pre-scheduled matchmaking programme, MIP CANCUN in 2023 is set to welcome back a community of up to 1000 delegates over 40 countries spanning buyers, producers and distributors from global studios and major players, internationally and from across the Americas, convening in the world’s largest production hub for Spanish-language content.

For information about WAWA, please contact patricia@wawaassociation.com or via WhatsApp at +58 424-1699959. or Carolina Cordero – General Manager at carolina@wawaassociation.com

For information about MIP Cancun please contact patrick@pk-consults.com

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