Fredrik af Malmborg, Founder and CEO of Eccho Rights, leaves the company


Fredrik af Malmborg

The Swedish distributor Eccho Rights announced this Friday the surprising departure of its co-founder Fredrik af Malmborg, who had been serving as CEO. His departure is “with immediate effect.”

Herbert L. Kloiber, chairman of the board of Eccho Rights and CEO of Night Train Media, the distributor’s parent company, will take over as CEO on an interim basis.

“I want to express our deep gratitude to Fredrik. “His vision and determination have been the driving force behind the success and reputation of Eccho Rights,” said Kloiber himself.

Eccho Rights was founded in 2004 as Sparks Network by Af Malmborg together with his partner Nicola Söderlund, who renamed the company to its current name in 2012.

In 2018 the company had been acquired by the Korean CJ ENM and in 2022 it passed into the hands of the European conglomerate Night Train Media. At that time Nicola Söderlund had left the company.

Along with the departure of Fredrik af Malmborg, Eccho Rights appointed Oskar Malmquist, director of Business Affairs since 2019, as Chief Operations Officer.

Additionally, Adam Barth will join Night Train Media’s content team and lead the English-language content sales team as Director of Co-Productions and Distribution.

The rest of the executives, including Handan Özkubat as Director of Turkish Dramas, as well as the company’s catalog, will remain unchanged, they detailed in the statement.

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