“Generative Artificial Intelligence in content creation” JORNADAS INTERNACIONALES in Argentina



“This technology is going to change many things, but the ability to be creative is a human condition.” This was stated by Benjamin Silva, CDO of Media & Marketing Strategies, Solutions and Operations LAR of Huawei in the panel “Enhancing business with technology” at the event that concluded yesterday in Buenos Aires


Julieta Romero, Senior Account Technical Leader at IBM Technology Argentina. “In generative AI there are no cases that show results because it is new, but we have success stories in Argentina that generate a better user experience.”


Benjamin Silva shared the stage with Guillermo Wichmann, Technology Director of Nokia Argentina and Julieta Romero, Senior Account Technical Leader of IBM Technology Argentina. “A generation is coming that will produce with Artificial Intelligence, it is one of the big changes,” added the manager. “AI can help you not make mistakes in case of repetitive tasks; I don’t think we should be afraid of it.”

“AI is part of our lives, we must keep an open mind, understand how it will impact life and form our own opinion, I think it will have a positive impact.”

Guillermo Wichmann expressed: “In general, companies plan to build their own internal generative AI, which obeys the company’s internal processes and support. For this, some type of AI is taken from the market and is specifically adapted for a particular and internal use of each company.”

One of the points highlighted by the manager was “the transparency of AI, explaining why it makes the decisions it does, why that result was reached.” Another important factor is “privacy, it uses a lot of data, such as gender, zip code, that can identify who a person is, there must be responsible use so that there are no privacy violations. “Algorithms should take into account aspects such as transparency, equity, sustainability when designing and using an AI solution.”

“Never has a technology in the past been bad for humanity. AI can give us growth potential, we must embrace it, learn it and make responsible uses.”


In her turn, Julieta Romero commented: “In generative AI there are no cases that show results because it is new. Traditional Artificial Intelligence is better known for what virtual assistants are, we have success stories in Argentina that generate a better experience for the user.”

“That it permeates all companies, industries, organizations is what is going to give it the ‘boost’, bringing it into people’s hands is what generates innovation.”

“In the generation of content, it is going to be a change, a challenge that can generate an explosion of innovation in different aspects. The paradigm shift comes from accessibility and the important thing is to be educated on what can be done.” According to the executive, we must “worry about learning and understanding the regulations, demanding the things that are going to give a framework to what is coming with so much force.”


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