‘La edad de la Ira’ premiere of ATRESERIES in the United States and Latin America


La edad de la ira

La edad de la ira

La edad de la ira

On pay TV through Atreseries comes this adaptation of the novel of the same name by Nando López, which addresses the social and personal complexities that affect today’s adolescence.

Manu Ríos, Amaia Aberasturi, Daniel Ibáñez, Carlos Alcaide and Eloy Azorín are the protagonists of this four-part series that begins with the brutal murder of a man at the hands of his son Marcos. The premiere is November 6.

Atreseries, the Atresmedia channel outside of Spain, premieres this series starring Manu Ríos, Amaia Aberasturi, Daniel Ibáñez, Carlos Alcaide. It is a thriller that portrays the complexities that affect a new generation of young people. Eloy Azorín completes the cast along with Sara Jiménez, María Morales, Xavi Sáez, among other important actors.

Four 50-minute episodes produced by Atresmedia, in collaboration with Big Bang Media (THE MEDIAPRO STUDIO) and MASFICCIÓN.


The adaptation is by Juanma Ruiz de Córdoba, screenwriter of ‘Vis a vis: El Oasis’, ‘Vis a Vis’, ‘Countback’ and ‘Águila roja’; Has worked alongside Lucia Carballal, screenwriter and playwright (‘Vis a vis: El Oasis’). The audition is directed by Luis San Narciso and Jesús Rodrigo is in charge of the general direction.


Begins with the brutal murder of a man, allegedly at the hands of his son Marcos, an apparently unproblematic teenager. The incident falls like a bucket of cold water on the institute, where students and teachers wonder what went wrong for a popular, almost perfect boy to end up committing such a crime. How and why has Marcos committed this horrible crime? And, most importantly… was it Marcos?

Nando López’s book, translated into several languages, has a theatrical version, it is one of the most recommended to adolescents in schools and institutes, for portraying a generation that is vindictive, committed, hyperconnected, hedonistic and eager for openness.

Teenagers who face change while dealing with the old values represented by their parents and the educational system.

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