Movistar Plus+ Internacional hits with ‘La Mesías’


The international sales division of the platform led by Maria Valenzuela at MIPCOM in Cannes and continuing at other events presents this original series created by Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo to bring this great fiction to buyers.

It is an original series from Movistar Plus+ in collaboration with Suma Content. In 7 episodes of 60 minutes, this fiction has garnered great recognition from critics. It is the story of a mother, who, in her delirium, raises her daughters to save the world. The catalog includes ‘El otro lado’ a series of 6 30′ episodes, created and starring Berto Romero, which for the first time in Spanish fiction unites horror and comedy.

‘Galgos’ 6×50′ is a drama, a family saga in the business world, full of ambition, power, loyalty, and deception. Another gem is ‘Marbella’, 6×50′, crime, action, and police investigation in the world of drug mafias.

Non-fiction originals. Protagonists of the musical field who, for the first time, allow viewers to delve into their personal lives, such as ‘Bisbal’ or ‘Bosé Reborn’. True Crime is another of the genres that arrives strongly on the platform with the upcoming premiere of ‘Light in the Darkness’ with Carles Porta.

Movistar Plus+ continues its commitment to the development of original fiction. It is worth highlighting ‘Querer’, the first series by award-winning director Alauda Ruiz de Azúa, and ‘Segunda Muerte’, directed by Álex Rodrigo (‘El Muelle’, ‘La casa de papel’) and Óscar Pedraza (‘Patria’, ‘Cielo Rojo’ ‘).

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MARIA VALENZUELA General Manager at Movistar Plus+ International

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